Pictured L-R: James O’Connor (Managing Partner, Crowleys DFK), Claire Shiels (Corporate Fundraiser, LauraLynn) and Natalie Kelly (Partner, Crowleys DFK)

In early 2020, we announced LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice as our Charity Partner. Not long after, members of our CSR Team visited the hospice and came back inspired and full of ideas on how we could help raise funds and awareness for this amazing charity… but then everything changed.

With all our fundraising plans impossible due to the lockdown reality we were all in, we had to find new ways to support LauraLynn and the children and families that relied on them.

This kickstarted our virtual fundraising initiatives. From our Virtual Walk Across the US and Canada, Wear Your Christmas Face Mask and Christmas Gifting campaigns, a lot (!) of Step Challenges, our Donate as your Earn campaign and various raffles, the employees at Crowleys DFK dug deep and put their hearts into each and every campaign.

“It has been a pleasure to be involved with our Firm’s campaigns. Knowing how difficult the last few years would have been on fundraising for LauraLynn, it has been an honour to help out where I can.”

Elaine Murphy, Assistant Manager, Audit and Assurance

 “I feel very proud of the Firm’s fundraising initiatives supporting LauraLynn over the last few years and being able to participate in these initiatives means a lot to me personally knowing that the funds raised are making a difference to the children and their families.”

Paula McCann, Human Resources

While all these initiatives raised some vital funds for the Charity during what was a very challenging few years, we are in no doubt that we got a lot more back from the partnership. Not only were we continually inspired and moved by our online talks with the incredible staff and care givers at LauraLynn, but our initiatives also kept us connected during a time when we all had to be apart.

“I have enjoyed participating over the past few years as not only do you know you are helping a good cause, but it has given us the opportunity to interact with our colleagues during a time we were unable to meet face to face.”

Emma Dunne, Manager, Corporate Compliance

 “It has been a great way to connect with my colleagues, many of whom I hadn’t met in person in 2 years. Ultimately, we have all benefited hugely from both a mental & physical health perspective by getting involved with a fantastic and very deserving charity.”

Harry O’Sullivan, Partner, Audit & Assurance

Our final fundraising campaign, Week of Celebrating LauraLynn, took place in late November and pushed the total funds raised over the 3 years (of what initially meant to be a 1 year partnership) to €45,045.

“I knew very little about LauraLynn and their work before we began supporting them as our Charity Partner. The past three years has really made me aware of the incredible commitment and passion that volunteers give to so many worthwhile causes. LauraLynn are doing incredible work and it’s been fantastic to see so many of my work colleagues and friends take part in our initiatives.”

James O’Connor, Managing Partner

On 7th December 2022, Crowleys DFK returned to LauraLynn for another onsite visit. While some things had changed since our first visit (outdoor meeting pods, and the new Memorial Tree and Garden), the most important things did not…the care and dedication from each of the wonderful staff we met and the pure sense of peace and warmth coming from every corner of the hospice.

“As a Corporate Partner, LauraLynn could not have asked for more. The team at Crowleys DFK demonstrated creativity in staff and office fundraising initiatives, enthusiastically signed up for challenges and events, and helped us out with volunteering. They were invested in understanding the work we do with children and families, and helping raise awareness of LauraLynn, its services and supports, and its funding needs. Crowleys DFK is a company and a team that is committed to making an impact in its charity work, and undertakes it with energy, commitment and heart. Working with them over the past 3 years has been a pleasure, and their contribution has made a big difference for the children and families in our care.”

Claire Shiels, Corporate Fundraiser, LauraLynn Ireland’s Children’s Hospice.

It has been an honour and pleasure to have supported LauraLynn for the last 3 years. LauraLynn has and will always remain very close to all our hearts.

Crowleys DFK LauraLynn Partnership 2022

Following the success of the Casa Christmas campaign which raised over €2,100 for LauraLynn, Crowleys DFK is delighted to announce that its partnership with LauraLynn will continue in 2022, for the third year in a row. As the only children’s hospice in the Republic of Ireland, we are proud to continue to support LauraLynn’s requirements, so they may continue to provide specialised hospice care to children with life limiting conditions and their families all across Ireland.

We hope that by continuing our partnership with LauraLynn for a further year that we will get more chances to volunteer, meet some of the incredible LauraLynn staff and have some fun as well.

Managing Partner, James O’Connor commented:

“LauraLynn is a great Charity. It’s disappointing that our involvement coincided with all of their in-person events being cancelled. Hopefully, we will soon be able to take part and support in-person in events with them and see firsthand the incredible work they carry out to support children with life-limiting conditions and their families.”

LauraLynn’s recent announcement to expand services bringing care and support closer to home for children and families in Munster in 2022 with a satellite service based in Cork should also give us further opportunities to show our support.

Over the last two years, we at Crowleys DFK have been involved in some great initiatives for the benefit of LauraLynn, such as:

  • Casa Christmas Light Display, where COO and Financial Advisory Partner, Colette Nagle and ICT Manager, Justin Nagle transformed their home into a magical Christmas light show and raised over €2,100.
  • Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Gifting, which saw each of our 100 employees and 10 partners give up part of their Firm Christmas Hamper in lieu of a monetary donation to LauraLynn, raising over €5,500 over the last two years.
  • On the 11th of December 2021, 15 volunteers from Crowleys DFK helped out with LauraLynn’s first live event after almost 2 years. Volunteers assisted with the running of Ray D’arcy’s Half & 5K in Phoenix Park, including stewarding around the event site and car parks, manning water stations, staffing the main registration area, giving out goodie bags and refreshments, and the clean up afterwards.
  • Win a Day off Work raffles, which encouraged our staff to donate to LauraLynn and earn raffle tickets. Together, these raffles have raised over €2,000 over the last two years.
  • Wear Your Face Mask, which saw partners and employees of Crowleys DFK receive a handmade face mask of their choice in exchange for a €10 donation to LauraLynn, raising over €3,000.
  • In June 2020, 71 partners and employees of Crowleys DFK and their families each ran, walked, or jogged a minimum of 100 km and used their combined distances to complete a virtual walking tour of the US and Canada to visit as many fellow DFK firms as possible, raising €9,266.85 in the process.
  • In February 2021, 50 members of our firm completed 14,000,000 steps and raised €4,021.13. Later, in September 2021, our 10km Challenge raised an additional €1,612.11.

Commenting on the announcement, Kerry McLaverty, CEO of LauraLynn Ireland’s Children’s Hospice said:

“We are thrilled that Crowleys DFK have chosen to extend our partnership into its third year in 2022 – a year in which our services expand to include a presence on the ground in the Munster region where many employees of the firm work.  Partnerships such as this are a vital part of the LauraLynn Community of Care.  We cannot provide our services without the generosity of the public and businesses like Crowleys DFK.  The funds and awareness the firm raise have an enormous positive impact on the children and families that LauraLynn support. So thank you to everyone involved – you should be very proud of yourselves and please keep up the great work!”

Casa Christmas Light Display

This December, Crowleys DFK will take part in a unique campaign in aid of our Charity Partner LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice. In keeping with the festive spirit of the season, our COO and Financial Advisory Partner Colette Nagle and our ICT Manager Justin Nagle have created a Christmas Light Display, “Casa Christmas”, at their home.

From the 1st of December until the 6th of January, the vibrant Casa Christmas light display will run every morning and evening. Visitors will be encouraged to make donations to LauraLynn using the collection box stationed at Casa Christmas, or via the QR code that will allow people to make a digital donation. All proceeds raised during the campaign will go to LauraLynn.

The Casa Christmas creation process has been a true labour of love, taking about four full days to build and a hundred hours to program, as well as a few days to build new props and fixtures. The displays are made up of 7398 pixels (bulbs), and while 4096 of these have been pre-built into two LED panels, the remaining 3302 pixels come in strings of one hundred which have been cut and joined as needed to build the display.

Justin commented,

“As a trained electrician I naturally love creating a Christmas Light Display each year. Although it takes time, it’s so rewarding to see the Christmas cheer it brings. This year is even more special as we hope to raise some much-needed funds for LauraLynn.”

With the festive season upon us, Christmas Gifting to LauraLynn will take place again this year. For the second consecutive year, each of our 100 employees and 10 partners have given up part of their Firm Christmas Hamper in lieu of a monetary donation to LauraLynn.  This combined donation will help LauraLynn gift each family with a Christmas Experience from a beautiful Advent Box that is interactive and brings daily excitement in the run up to the big day.

Additionally, on the 11th of December, 15 volunteers from Crowleys DFK will help out with LauraLynn’s first live event after almost 2 years.  Volunteers will assist with the running of Ray D’arcy’s Half & 5K in Phoenix Park, including stewarding around the event site and car parks, manning water stations, staffing the main registration area, giving out goodie bags and refreshments, and the clean up afterwards.

The Casa Christmas campaign, along with the additional Christmas Gifting and Volunteering, caps off another wonderful year of our Partnership with LauraLynn which has enabled us to highlight the magnificent work they do and raise much needed funds for the organisation.

Claire Shiels, Corporate Fundraiser at LauraLynn commented,

“Our corporate partner Crowleys DFK are a creative bunch when it comes to fundraising. With Casa Christmas they continue to pull out all the stops. Everyone that visits this beautiful piece of Christmas magic will get a much needed lift this December. A big Thank You to Colette and Justin Nagle, and all the team at Crowleys DFK – for your thoughtful ideas and initiatives. We are lucky and proud to be working with you, and so grateful on behalf of the children and families in our care.”

If you would like to visit Casa Christmas or to make a donation, please visit our iDonate page to find out more information.

Over the month of June, 71 Crowleys DFK partners and employees, along with their families each ran/walked/jogged a minimum of 100 km in aid of our Charity Partner LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice 

Normally at this time of year many of our partners would be looking forward to meeting our DFK colleagues from around the world at various conferences.  With these conferences cancelled, we decided to instead use our combined steps/kms and undertake virtual walking tour of parts of the US and Canada and drop in to say ‘Hello’ to as many fellow DFK firms as possible. 

We were delighted with the support we received as we travelled across the US and Canada.  Not only had we great fun catching up online with our DFK friends (old and new), but many others also sent us on email messages, photos and video messages to show their support for our fundraising efforts. 

As well being able to showcase LauraLynn and the great work they doour tour gave us a great opportunity to promote DFK and highlight what a great network of close friends and colleagues we can reach out to on behalf of clients who carry out business internationally.  

We are delighted to have raised almost €9,000 to date with the help of our family, friends and colleagues. 

About LauraLynn Children’s Hospice 

LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice is the only children’s hospice in the Republic of Ireland. They provide specialised hospice care to children with life limiting conditions and their families from all across Ireland.  

Claire Shiels, Corporate Fundraiser at LauraLynn commented: 

It is wonderful to see Ireland start to reopen but for many of our families’ life will continue to stay close to home for some time yet. Your incredible achievements over the course of the month mean that we can continue to support these families on their journey through the health crisis.  By taking on this challenge, you made sure we can help our families stay at home and feel cared for there.