Taxation of Exam Setters, Invigilators and Correctors

With third level exams completed and State Examinations drawing to a close, Revenue has received a number of queries as to whether exam setters, invigilators and exam correctors can be engaged as “self-employed” individuals and paid gross or whether they should be engaged as “employees” with payments to them subject to deductions under the PAYE system.

In their recently published eBrief No. 48/17, Revenue have confirmed that whilst the facts of each case will determine whether an individual is self- employed or an employee, Revenue’s view is that exam setters, exam correctors and invigilators engaged by the State sector, private colleges or associations are, in general, likely to be employees and, therefore, deductions (tax, PRSI and USC) under the PAYE system should be made from the emoluments paid to them.

This is an important clarification for any educational establishment that engages individuals to set, invigilate or correct exams. It places responsibility for correctly deducting tax from payments to these individuals on the employer establishment and means that these individuals must be put on payroll even if they are engaged on an ad hoc basis or for a short period of time.

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