Crowleys DFK Charity Partnership with Aware

As 2023 draws to a close, we reflect on the first year of our two-year partnership with Aware, marked by a significant fundraising total of €17,436.

Throughout the year, we participated in various fundraising events organised by Aware including the Liffey Loop, Resilience Lunch and Corporate Golf Day. Additionally, our employees generously signed up to our Donate As You Earn (payroll giving) programme and took part in a number of other internal initiatives.

Beyond fundraising, we partnered with Aware to provide learning and development opportunities for our employees in the area of mental health. Notably, our senior leadership team attended a half day workshop on Managing Mental Health in the Workplace. This informative workshop provided valuable insights and practical tips for developing mental health conversations. It received very positive feedback from all participants.

Speaking about our partnership with Aware, James O Connor, Managing Partner, commented:

“Looking back on 2023, we appreciate the contributions of our employees which not only led to a substantial fundraising achievement but has also actively promoted awareness and understanding of mental health within our firm. We look forward to building on these foundations in 2024.”

Drew Flood, Business Development Manager in Aware, commented:

“I want to thank everyone in Crowleys DFK for the wonderful contribution you have made over the last year. It has been absolutely brilliant working with you.

I want to thank you for the money you have raised but more importantly I want to thank you for highlighting ‘having the conversation about mental health’ in the organisation and attending our educational workshops.

We have had over 30,000 calls on our support line this year and at the end of the year we will have over 50,000 people contacting Aware. Your contribution has really made a big difference to all the service users.  On behalf of everyone in Aware a big thank you to everyone in Crowleys DFK and thank you for putting mental health on the map!”