Fiona O’Sullivan

Director | Risk Consulting

Fiona is Director of Risk Consulting at Crowleys DFK. She has an extensive track record in providing practical audit, risk, assurance and governance advice to both public and private sector clients.

Fiona brings over 20 years’ experience in planning, co-ordinating and executing audit, compliance and risk management assignments for a variety of clients including SMEs, branches of overseas and multinational companies, credit unions, public sector bodies and not-for-profit organisations.  She has specific expertise in the areas of statutory and internal audit, financial reporting, corporate governance, internal control reviews, risk assessments and regulatory compliance.

Fiona has extensive experience in internal control processes, systems and structures relevant to publicly funded entities, HSE funded organisations (including Section 38s and 39s), not-for-profit bodies and credit unions. She also has expert understanding of corporate governance compliance requirements and best practice applicable to these sectors, particularly in respect of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, the Charities Governance Code, the Governance Code for Sport, the Central Bank’s Handbook for Credit Unions and DPER’s Risk Management Guidance for Government Departments and Offices.

Fiona brings a unique combination of strategic planning and audit and assurance skills combined with an expert understanding of regulatory requirements. She has an unrivalled knowledge of applicable accounting standards including FRS 102 and IFRS (as adopted by the EU) and an ability to apply those standards correctly in real life situations.

Fiona also has considerable experience and understanding of the regulatory requirements of the Credit Union sector. She manages all credit union statutory audits, internal audits, loan book reviews, asset reviews and other ad-hoc credit union reviews carried out by the firm.

Fiona joined the firm in 2003 and was appointed Director in 2012. She is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland.