Fully outsourced payroll services to large public sector body

The client

A public sector client looking to outsource their payroll processes and systems.


For over five years, we have been providing weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll processing for this body of 95 staff.

 Our work

When we were appointed as payroll processing service providers, we carried out an initial review of their payroll processes and systems to identify weaknesses and recommend improvements.

1.  A key recommendation of our review was to introduce an Excel based template to validate all overtime and shift allowance claim information prior to it being loaded onto the payroll system.

2. Through the use of data validation and prompted questions within this template, these payments can then be processed in accordance with a variety of complex rules and conditions. Claims can also be rejected based on pre-defined criteria.

3. Information is loaded automatically from this template onto a timesheet which is imported into our payroll software.

4. By using this Excel based work-around the client has avoided the cost of having to invest in tailored payroll software while still having all of their specific needs met.