Advising US software development SME set up its EU base in Ireland

The Client

This New York based software development company, referred to us by a DFK USA firm, is an SME company with gross revenues of €50m.


The company chose Ireland as its EU base to develop a new suite of software products.

Our work

Along with our DFK USA colleagues and the client’s lawyers, we advised on the optimum corporate structure, with two main objectives of:

  1. Qualifying for Ireland’s corporate tax rate of 6.25% available to companies whose activities are within the remit of the Knowledge Development Box (KDB) tax regime; and
  2. Protecting ultimate anonymity of the US shareholders.

In addition we assisted the company with decisions to assign, transfer or retire existing IP, establish separate group companies for developing new IP, advised on re-location of US/Non-US employees.

Working with the US based Group CFO, we now provide:

  1. Monthly payroll and management accounting services
  2. Statutory audit
  3. Preparation of statutory financial statements
  4. Corporation tax
  5. Continuous advisory services within the team of tax advisers, accountants and lawyers from several countries